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CAG Activities




An italian learning course adressed to foreign women and totally organized by women;


an all-female space where women that , due to cultural or social reasons, would not have the opportunity nor the permission to attend promiscuous activities, are helped in the access to the italian language and society;

an occasion to meet and know each other;

this – in summary - is “Progetto Insieme”.


Unoficially born at the beginning of 2001 – temporarily located in several rooms offered by the former Poliambulanza – “Progetto Insieme” has now found a new stable arrangment in the spaces provided by CAG Carmen Street in Via Carmine in agreement with the Municipality of Brescia.


Initially proposed twice a week in the morning, the project has now moved one of its meetings in the late afternoon, following the needs of the women who started working.

The Project is not expected to reach a large number of women, but to provide a constant time of socialization. Each module is attended by a dozen of women.

Since there is no registration deadline, the door of Via Carmine is always open for new arrivals. The integration of the newcomer is an occasion for a general review or a "geography lesson."

Some lessons are made in response to the women’s requests: medical examination or pharmacy.

If the primary goal of the "Progetto Insieme" is the Italian language learning, the socialization and integration of foreign women is regarded as equally important.

According to the participants, the strenght of the "Progetto Insieme " resides in its atmosphere of hospitality and openness that every woman finds when she decides to enter the door.


When the operators are asked for help to solve personal problems (such as the enrollment of a child in a kindergarten), the lesson’s importance becomes minor.


When the morning lesson stops, there’s also an opportunity to drink a cup of tea and biscuits together and have a chat. Sometimes this moment turns into lunch, since the attendees bring homemade dishes.