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CAG Activities



Progetto Alma is addressed to the young adult girls and the foreign teenage girls.

Especially those who, due to the promiscuity of the social spaces, are unable to access, for cultural or religious reasons, to the most spread social opportunities in the area.

The project doesn’t plan to reach a large number of people, but to develop a meaningful experience from a relational and social point of view for a group of 15-20 girls.
This is also done in order to create new friendships and sharing relations that can last over time among the partecipants.

From the beginning, for the success of the project, it wad decided not to use the standard advertising media: we preferred informal channels, starting from the network of contacts that Carmen Street and Progetto Insieme have managed to build through the years.

The main objective of the project is to offer a non-promiscuous space that allows these girls to live an aggregative experience with their peers.

Through this first objective we want also to offer them the opportunity to socialize since their lives are likely to become a long path of loneliness and isolation between the home walls.

The proposal of some planned activities (eg italian language exercises, the use of PCs, cooking, guided tours…) can become an opportunity for a use of time aimed to learning.

Another objective is the accompaniment of these girls to the various services in the area (conunseling centres, schools, health centres…) and the mediation of the operators with their families on the management of personal moments.

Timetable: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 5.00 am – 7.30 am
Saturday: 2.30 am – 19.30 am.
(times may vary due to planned special activities)