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CAG Activities



Strategies and resources to recover a dimension of busy time in teenagers and young people

With the arrival of the economic crisis and the drastic increase in youth unemployment, in addition to the worrying rise in the so-called NEET (young people Not engaged in Education, Employment or Training), the aggregation services and the prevention structures of the area have to face two challenges: on the one hand the pressing need for some teenagers to invest in studies and in high level special trainings, which could allow them to have better chances in the labor market, on the other hand the need to spend the busy time not necessarily in work experiences, but certainly in training activities that in many cases can also ensure a minimum income or recognitions of various kinds, or otherwise activities that can offer possibilities and opportunities for a future employment. It therefore becomes for the prevention services increasingly more important to network with other similar realities to face the key challenges for the youth and the city welfare.

– to promote youth empowerment within the urban context.
– to provide spaces and support aimed at improving the academic achievements in terms of both help with homework and remedial teaching and counselling in the choices.
– to organize and manage recreational, artistic or training laboratories and activities aimed at a social development.
– to find solutions in the area to ensure a minimum income to young "neet" people in conditions of inactivity since more than a year.
– to promote effective actions in conjunction with the other educational institutions of the city, especially with the Youth Aggregation Centres (C.A.G.) managed by Opera Pavoniana and Razzetti Institute, aimed at retaining and at refreshing the urban context through the endeavour
of teenagers and young people.

Within the spaces of the C.A.G. we are going to enhance the homework room for adolescents with the presence of educational personnel and with technical improvements but also with the support of specialists and experts that “on-call” can come to help boys and girls in certain subjects. In collaboration with two city C.A.G.s, we will organize a video laboratory focused on the creation of a short film, a photo lab focused on the portrait, in which teenagers and young people will be both photographers and models, and a series of films, to be shown at the "Nuovo Eden" cinema. The results of these workshops will be duly exposed to the public and, on occasion, sent to national and international competitions and festivals. It's also planned to set up an help desk to connect the the entities that offer job opportunities (Caritas or the Municipality of Brescia, with its civil service projects) or training opportunities (associations and cooperatives).

In the short term we expect a significant improvement in the academic performance of boys attending the homework room and a significant investment in their schooling career. In addition we intend to introduce some currently unemployed boys and girls in a minimum of activities, possibly even economically recognized, whether those be of social (civil service), or recreational and educational utility (training courses or cinema and photography laboratories). In the medium and long term we want to bring the focus on the role of adolescents and young people in the city, laying the foundations for many long-lasting initiatives, which could give both a substantial contribution to the cultural and social life of Brescia, and enable certain young to be employed or receive a minimum income while working on activities of cultural or social significance.